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Tough, Light, Waterproof maps for Walking, Running & Cycling

How our Maps are made

  • PHOTOGRAMMETRYThe base for HARVEY mapping is created by plotting from a pair of overlapping air photos. Without going into technical details, this provides the operator with a bird's eye view of the terrain. Every detail is accurately plotted with painstaking care, selecting what is useful to people navigating the terrain
  • IN THE FIELDThe next - and key - stage of the process sends the surveyors out on foot over the terrain. The base map produced by the photogrammetry contains all the physical detail. But it is important that changes that have occurred since the photos were taken are also included.
  • IN THE FIELDWe map some of the most beautiful places in the UK and some of the finest areas for hill walking and climbing. The survey team often spends several days in the field and often must cover 25km each day on foot. Whatever the weather...
  • IN THE FIELDFarmers put up fences, walkers build (or demolish!) cairns, footbridges are repaired and replaced, foresters fell trees, plant new ones and make new forest roads. This is where the field checkers come in. Using GPS-based technology, additional information is surveyed in.
  • IN THE FIELDSurveying our base map is a crucial stage in making one of our maps. But don't imagine this is a walk in the park. It's fun to be paid to walk the hills, but, ask Pete, Chris, Adam or Lewis, you need to be tough to do the long days over all sorts of terrain. And then there's the night in the bothy..!
  • EDITINGThe hallmark of HARVEY mapping is its clarity and detail. Once the field checking stage is complete, the base map is edited and updated upon the teams return to the office. Our cartographers are trained to review the draft map, concentrating on ensuring it is clear and easy to read.
  • EDITINGSkillful map design is fundamental. The picture provided by the map must bring out the most important information first, and the map must have a careful balance between amount of detail and legibility. Too much information, can make a map that is otherwise accurate, quite useless because it is an illegible muddle.
  • THE FINISHED PRODUCTHARVEY has been making high quality maps for outdoor recreation since 1977 and has coverage of the popular walking areas of the UK and Ireland. Have fun with your HARVEY map! It is a work of art, as well as a technical piece of safety equipment. We enjoyed creating it. We're sure you'll enjoy using it.
See how the maps are made in our slideshow above. From aerial photos, to field checking and editing, we describe how we make each of our products.

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